High purity coating aluminium wire product introduction

Product use

High purity aluminium wire, coated aluminum) products for a variety of optical coating, glass coating, coating, vacuum coating process, such as: all kinds of LED lamps and lanterns, industrial lamp, motorcycle lamp, stage lights, instrument lights, medical shadowless lamp, cars, mobile phones and other electronic devices, etc.

Product specification

Φ 0.5 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm Φ, Φ 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, Φ Φ 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm Φ aluminium wire specifications and any other customer specified.

Execution standard

Raw materials for production of high purity aluminium wire, coated aluminum) in line with national YS/T 275-2008 standard of high purity aluminum.

Products strictly implement the national standards, such as: YS/T 275-2008 standard and GB/T 3190-1996 standard.

Why use aluminum coating?
Oxidation corrosion resistance of aluminum (especially, because its oxide, alumina have increased the corrosion resistance of aluminum heat resistance) is excellent, good appearance quality, moderate price, so especially suitable for the coating of all kinds of electronic products.
High purity aluminium wire, coated aluminum) purposes
Vacuum coating
Vacuum coating is a great range, strictly speaking, vacuum coating, including: automobile coating, optical coating, glass coating and so on.
Automobile coating
Automobile coating film is on the basis of traditional polishing process, using a spray gun, the color reproduction magic wax refining grain size to 0.01 mm, and homogeneous spraying, and then use non-woven polishing, paint to form a layer of protective film in the car.
The membrane can provide effective protection for paint omni-directional, also can make the car completely renovated, colour renovation, paint brightening and sealing effect.
The role of the automobile coating:
Automobile coating have the function of the surface oxidation, aging resistance, because the beatles electric ion coating ingredients, other than petroleum construction closely combining with paint, after form ionic membrane in the paint, car paint and air cut off completely, can effectively prevent the car paint oxidation and aging.
Effective uv radiation electric ion deposition in the car paint surface form a dense layer of positive and negative ions film can effectively reflect the sun's light and ultraviolet ray, prevent ultraviolet light to paint burns.
Corrosion resistance.
Density of positive and negative ions to the membrane with super corrosion resistance, we all know that the south's weather characteristics of acid rain is very much, so the product can effectively prevent the damage caused by the acid rain and other corrosive substances to paint, and at the same time prevent paint fade.
Resistance to high temperature.
Ions to the membrane itself had the characteristics of high temperature resistant, can effectively reflect the sun's light to the external radiation effective reflection, to prevent heat damage to the car paint.
Scratch resistant.
Ionic membrane can be to increase the hardness on the surface of the body to 7 h, far higher than the wax or glaze 2 h - 4 h hardness, better able to protect the paint from the sand and can be played the role of the guard armor.
High bright and clean.
In electric ion deposition preparing nano-sized Tio2 and other high brightness material, can make the car paint surface brightness above 95 degrees, and a new car factory after open wax the car paint surface brightness is only 70-80 degrees.
Easy to clean.
Electric ion plating with super self-cleaning and water, not easily from dust and sludge, clean with clear water can reach the effect of cleaning, keep the vehicle high cleanliness and glossiness.
Super durable strong toughness and ductility, usually to protect the car paint surface brightness, formation of mirror effect more than 2 years, far more than wax and gloss.
Super environmental protection use water-based environmental protection material, its oxidation, is not to produce second pollution to paint, and traditional wax seal glair project of paint is easy to cause secondary pollution.
Super smooth electric ion deposition in the car paint surface form of film layer is exquisite and smooth, causes the water droplets into linear slide.
Optical coating
A kind of vacuum coating, refers to the optical components on the surface of plating layer or multi-layer optical thin film process, to change the light transmittance of optical components.
Glass coating
One of the types of vacuum coating.
Coated glass, Reflective glass) is also called the Reflective glass.
Coated glass is the glass surface plating layer or layers of metal, alloy or metallic compound film, so as to change the optical properties of glass, satisfy certain requirements.
Coated glass according to the different characteristics of the product, and can be divided into the following categories: the heat reflective glass, low-e glass, low-e glass, conductive membrane, etc.

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